I've been making games for more than twenty years, and I've made over 30 games. 

I've enjoyed working in multiple roles; I've been an artist/lead artist, a designer/lead designer, a creative director, a producer and a project manager. On my own projects I've also taken on programming tasks. I've worked in teams, as a lone developer, as a freelancer, and as a consultant. 

The projects I've worked on have been varied too; everything from super-low budget, to BAFTA Award winning projects funded by platform holders.

I still enjoy all aspects of game development, and I'm equally happy inventing new games, being hands-on in the development of games, but also using my experience to help manage and direct the development of games. 

Positions Held


Career Anecdotes

All that and I've never had to relocate to find employment, nor worked in a studio large enough that I couldn't say hello to everyone there in the time it takes to make the morning coffee.