Roles: Creative Director /Design Direction
Platforms: XBLA
Developer: Tuna /TunaSnax
Publisher: Microsoft
Released: N/A


A wild and crazy, no-holds-barred, rootin', tootin', varmint shootin', side-scrolling platform brawler "filmed" entirely in claymation.


Images are taken from upscaled GBA, and Xbox versions



Cletus Clay started life as a one-man project being made by Anthony Flack in New Zealand. As Tuna started to talk to more indie developers, we reached out to Anthony to offer our support. It quickly turned into a joint venture, and a plan to take Anthony's prototype and take it to the next level. Although it was still in an early state, Cletus was entered into IGF and was short-listed as a finalist for the Art award. Microsoft took an interest and started funding the project.

Sadly a number of personnel changes at Microsoft meant that their focus on indie games shifted, and the funding for Cletus dried up.

While the majority of Tuna was working on Cletus on a full-time basis, I was primarily tasked with working on other games to bring in a steady income. My role as Creative Director meant I had more of a directorial input into Cletus - advising Anthony (a self-taught game developer) on design issues and best practices, while also keeping an eye on the art pipeline, where we tried to replicate the look and feel of models made on the other side of the world.

Eventually the funding dried up and work ground to a halt... It's hoped Cletus Clay will reappear one day!