I offer a wide range of game design and development services, tailored to suit the size and scope of your project. I'm available as a general Game Designer, or Creative Director. I also offer the following special services.
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Project / Build Review

I will review all aspects of your project, and give written feedback and guidance. I'll confirm which elements work well, and which need more attention. I'll suggest solutions to any issues, that are sympathetic to your resources and budgets. 

This feedback can be requested at any pre-alpha stage of your project, and can be based on documentation and/or playable builds. 

GDD Audit

I can review your existing game design documentation and ensure that it is fit-for-use. I can highlight gaps or inconsistencies that might cause issues further into development.

Narrative Design

I can give advice on combining story and game design. I can give directions on how to maximise the story-telling potential of your game in ways that respect and enhance the player experience.

GDD Authoring

Based on your existing materials, and conversations with your team, I can author your Game Design Document, making it suitable for all stakeholders, including team members, publishers and investors. I'll deliver something that is exhaustive, but easy to digest. It will be professionally formatted, making it easy to edit and revise.

Slide Deck Authoring

A great pitch deck communicates the vision for your project, over a concise number of slides, and can be tailored for a specific audience, or business need.

Using existing materials and art work, I can author a slide deck that presents your project in the best possible way.