Roles: Creative Director /Artist /Designer
Platforms: Nintendo GBA
Developer: Tuna Technologies
Publisher: The Behemoth /Zoo
Released: 2006


He's back, this time Alien Hominid jumps onto the GBA!

Set to reach a whole new audience keen for a real gaming experience -Alien Hominid arrives on Game Boy Advance. Alien Hominid on GBA retains all the super-fast action and irreverent humour of the larger console versions but in a format that you'll really have trouble putting down. Prepare to freak-out all over again with this lovingly crafted slice of pure gaming joy.

- 13 levels of eye-popping insanity including the famous power-ups and huge bosses.
- Faithful conversion of artist Dan Paladin's manic comic style to the GBA screen.
- A perfect, addictive hand-held experience, exactly what the Game Boy was built for.

Now with an even bigger fan base! The original single-level Flash game has been downloaded over 11 million times


Images are taken from upscaled GBA, and Xbox versions



Tuna had spotted the appeal of indie games long before people recognised "indie" as a movement or genre. We'd seen how The Behemoth had jumped from working at AAA studios to work on smaller, riskier games, and we wanted to join in.

When we heard they were talking to Zoo Digital, a local publisher, about bringing the console versions of Alien Hominid to Europe, we persuaded them that we could use our experience of developing GameBoy Advance titles to bring it to that platform too. Zoo and The Behemoth both loved the idea, and we got the gig!

We had very little experience of working in Flash, but we soon got to work reimagining and reworking the original assets to work on GBA. It's such an awesome game, and developing it was a lot of fun too.