Role: Producer /Designer /Artist
Platforms: Browser
Developer: Tuna Technologies
Publisher: Channel 4 (Education)
Released: 2010


"Cover Girl lets players experience the role of being an artist in a publishing house. Through challenging tasks and skilful play they’ll ‘enhance’ the photographs that adorn some of the biggest glossy magazines around. As the game unravels they’ll begin to understand the methods that magazines employ to sell copies and advertising space – and hopefully this will make them question what they see in adverts and on newsstands every day." 



Cover Girl was the first game that Channel 4 Education commissioned from a regional game developer. It was a (relatively) big budget Flash game, that was free-to-play. Its aim was to teach young people how much the media manipulates images and facts to blur reality. The idea was that if we let players pretend to Photoshop images, they'd begin to understand the kind of manipulation that really goes on in the media.

As well as creating the initial pitch, I took on multiple roles - producer, designer, artist and project manager - during its development.